Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Upcoming Events - Don't Miss Out!

Calgary Rage appearing at the Subway Ultimate Health & Fitness Show - NEW
10AM - 1:30PM
TELUS Convention Centre
7th Avenue and Centre St SW

Pre Season Training:  Adding one more session - NEW

For those players involved in the King Football training sessions, we have the opportunity to add one more evening to our training.  This would be open to all 3 groups.  Monday evenings, 8-9PM on the turf in the baseball Viper Dome. (smaller bubble)  Cost will work out to less than $10/session.  Please email Crystal at so that we can guage interest.

2012 AGM
February 6th 2012, 7:00 pm
Deer Run Community Association, NEW
2127 146 Ave SE.

2012 Information & Kick Off Meeting
November 22nd 7:00 pm 
Deer Run Community Center  NEW!!
2127 - 146 Ave SE
Announcement NEW!!
As we prepare for 2011 to come to a close, some change has occurred within the Rage program. Firstly, there has been a change in our Head Coaching position for the first time in our team’s existence. Coach Bear has decided to retire from the position of Head Coach of the Calgary Rage. The Board would like to thank Coach Barry for his commitment, leadership, guidance and love for the Rage. The Rage would not be in the position of growth, both on and off the field, like we are today, if it were not for the efforts of Barry over the past three years. His passion for football and his dedication to this team will be felt for as long as the Rage play football and his youthful enthusiasm and team oriented approach will be missed.
Barry, thank you for your time and dedication to the Rage football program and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours both on and off the football field!!
A change in Head Coach inevitably leads to the search for a successor. The Board feels we have been able to succeed Coach Bear with an individual who is familiar to our program, a dedicated and respected coach in our community, and one that fully supports the continued development of the Rage program as an excellent tackle football opportunity for women throughout our city. Coach Rob Perry has been selected as the next Head Coach of the Calgary Rage!
Coach Rob has been a part of our Rage family since the end of the 2010 season and was the Offensive Coordinator for the team during the 2011 season. We are excited to have Coach Rob lead us into the next phase of Rage football development and look forward to an exciting season in 2012!

Pre Season Training - NEW!!! 
Join us and get in shape to play!

With King Football  - Canadian Premier Training Program for Football

Viper Dome - 2255 Crowchild Tr NW or Crash Conditioning - #102, 5855 9th St SE. We will know closer to the start date which facility will be training at.

1. Wednesday 7 pm to 8 pm and Saturday 10 am to 11am - beginning November 23rd and running until March 31st  FULL
2. Wednesday 8 pm to 9 pm and Saturday 11am to noon - beginning November 23rd and running until March 31st  FULL
3.  Starting in January. There are no specific days or times planned at this time; however, the start date would be the first or second week of January. If anyone is interested in joining a January start group please let me know. We would need a minimum of 4 people to make it work.  Contact Crystal Pellerin at

See our latest media coverage

Around $525 per person for the four and half months of training. Broken down it works out to be $15/session (which believe me is a very good deal as we contacted a number of training facilities before settling on King Football).  Payable to King Football Payment arrangements of postdated cheques can be made with King Football. 

Last Date for ushering is Nov 5th.  Please let Brew know if you can attend.  It's our biggest fundraiser.  We need YOU!  


The dates are: 
July 1 Toronto vs Calgary
Aug 6 Hamilton vs Calgary
Sept 5 Edmonton vs Calgary
Oct 1 Saskatchewan vs Calgary
Nov 5 Winnipeg vs Calgary

This is our major fundraiser and it's tons of fun!  Remember:  Every player must commit to five dates this year.  Heather Bruvold is the coordinator for this endeavor.  You can contact her at